During 2018 we consulted with the community, stakeholder groups and Council officers. As a direct result of the feedback we received, we have made some important changes to our proposals

What’s Changed?

Reduction in height

  • The tallest building has been reduced from 18 to 16 storeys above ground – the highest section is significantly reduced in width.
  • It is now the same number of storeys as the building which already has planning permission at St Catherine’s Place.
  • Two of the other buildings on our development have  also been reduced by one storey.

Retaining as many new homes as possible

  • We have managed to minimise the reduction in the total of new homes – our original plans were for 340 new homes, and the reduction in heights has been achieved with a loss of just 11 new homes.

Breaking up building mass

  • As well as reducing the height, the proposed building facing Malago Road has been redesigned so the elevations are slimmer.
  • The revised proposal includes a glass staircase to split the main building and to improve views into the site.

Improved connectivity through the site

  • We already proposed a welcoming and safe pedestrian route through the site but have made an important change – rather than steps we will use a shallow slope instead to make it accessible for pushchairs & wheelchairs.

Enhancements to East Street

  • All public areas will have high quality, welcoming landscaping that includes pavements, seating and planting – We are now extending that onto East Street itself, rather than stopping at the edge of our site.