The Design

Two buildings ranging in height from four to 16 storeys (plus ground floor)

Starting at just four storeys closest to neighbouring properties, at the highest point our development steps up to 16 storeys (plus ground level). The other two main buildings are eight storeys (plus ground floor).

We have located open green space opposite the neighbouring homes off Little Paradise. We have also designed a new, wide, landscaped street through the development, to provide more open space, and give a welcoming walking and cycle route to the main retail commercial offer in East Street.

Either side of the pedestrian through-route are the two sets of buildings. One is an L-shape, the other a C-shape, creating a balance between public and private open spaces and street-facing contemporary terrace homes.

A Safer Enviroment

Currently, both Little Paradise and Stafford Street can be unwelcoming pedestrian routes through to East Street. To address this, we have designed the ground floor apartments so their doors open directly onto the pavement, helping create a real street and a sense of community as well as a safer environment.

Rather than proposing shops and bars on the ground floor – which would potentially conflict with existing businesses along East Street, or which might remain empty – we have also included a ground-floor gym and residents hub which will be a multi-use space for residents of the development.


The influence for the distinctive colours incorporated within the scheme comes from nearby Windmill Hill and its use of the colourful elevation seen throughout Bristol.

All the apartments will have private balconies creating important residential amenity space.

We have undertaken studies to assess the impact on views into and across the development. These viewing points reflect the guidance in the Urban Living SPD, have been agreed with Bristol City Council and reflect key publicly accessible locations.