The Site

Learn about how our site fits into the Bedminster Green masterplan

The site sits between Little Paradise and Stafford Street. Little Paradise connects Malago Road with East Street. Currently, this 0.5ha brownfield site contains a range of light industrial warehouses and car parking.

About one mile to the City centre and Temple Meads station, this is one of the most sustainable locations for new homes in Bristol. Few sites in Bristol can boast a railway station and Metrobus connection within 200m of their site.

The existing site


Our site is one of a handful which make-up the wider Bedminster Green proposals, which will regenerate the area and help revitalise East Street.

As you can see from the diagram above, this part of Bedminster has been identified by Bristol City Council through their Urban Living Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) as one of the key locations suitable for higher density development, including tall buildings. The Council must find sufficient land for in excess of 36,000 new homes over the coming 20 years.

The image above shows the locations of each of the parcels of land which make up Bedminster Green. Plot 4 is the Little Paradise site.

There are a number of different developers and landowners (including Bristol City Council) who own or have control over these various parcels of land. This group of developers has voluntarily formed the Bedminster Green Landowners’ Group to ensure a coordinated approach to the wider development. This coordination will see joint evidence base and strategies for transport, draining/flooding and agreed connectivity around and through the sites. This will help ensure the wider development works as a whole.

Each developer will, however, be responsible for preparing separate planning applications for their sites. See how the community’s feedback to our consultation has shaped our final proposals.

Access and connectivity

The site – along with the other parcels of land that make up Bedminster Green – is in a highly sustainable and well connected location. Planning policy encourages higher density development to be delivered in accessible, sustainable locations.

25 minutes walk to Temple Meads

It is a few minutes’ walk from Bedminster Station, and a 25 minute walk to Temple Meads. Key bus routes travel along the A38 into the city centre, which is also only a 30 minute walk from the site.

The new Metrobus service will run alongside our development, along with investment proposed for Bedminster railway station adding to the many choices residents already have to travel into the city centre and other parts of Bristol.

Redevelopment of the existing site also creates an excellent opportunity to improve connectivity from, to and through the site for pedestrians to walk between East Street, Dalby Avenue and Bedminster Station. These greatly improved connections will help create a vibrant, safe and accessible environment – and will help bring more people into East Street as part of the ongoing commitment to its much-needed regeneration.

There will be ample secure bike storage (358 spaces) , as well as one car parking space for every two bedroom apartment – a total of around 84, located in the basement. Some of those spaces will be for car club and electric vehicles. New residents would not be entitled to any future parking permits. We believe this approach – of providing some spaces but plenty of incentives to walk, cycle or use public transport – is the right balance.